Learning How to Grow a Ligustrum Bonsai

Published: 06th July 2010
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Ligustrum bonsai is an admirable miniature tree to grow. It is native to the woodlands and bushes of North America, Asia, Australia, Himalayas, and Europe. Ligustrum or Privet has about 50 species and each tree species have their own form and color of leaves. Ligustrum bonsai produce beautiful scented white flowers and it also bears a small round fruit.

Here are some of the most popular ligustrum tree species grown as a miniature tree:

' Oval Leaf Privet (Ligustrum ovalifolium)

' Japanese or Wax Privet (L. japonicum)

' Common Privet (L. Vulgare)

' Glossy Privet or Rapid Growing (L. lucidum)

' Chinese Privet (L. sinense)

' L. recurvifolium

Everyone can grow a ligustrum bonsai as long as you have basic knowledge in growing it. Here are some important facts you should know about growing a ligustrum bonsai:

' Grow your little ligustrum tree in a container that has drainage holes because this will help prevent clogging of water inside the pot.

' Avoid standing water in the pot for your miniature tree because water can still get to the root system, especially if you are using a saucer or tray under the pot of the miniature tree.

' Ligustrum bonsai does not require a specific soil mixture, but you should make use of soil that its components will promote good drainage.

' Provide your miniature tree with sufficient amounts of water. You must not allow your little tree to be extremely dry because it will suffer from dehydration, which is a very fatal condition to it.

' When you water your ligustrum bonsai, it is recommended that you use a water container that has fine nozzle to prevent washing out of the soil from the container of the miniature tree.

' Expose your little tree to morning sunlight because this is good for them, it will help your little tree to produce their own food without causing damage to its leaves. But you must provide shade to your miniature tree during midday and afternoon because the sun rays are very strong and it can cause burning of the leaves.

' Feed your miniature tree with an all purpose fertilizer. Usually you have to feed the miniature tree twice a month during the season of growth, and apply fertilizer to your indoor bonsai once a month during the winter period. But be sure that you read the manufacturer's instruction printed over the label so that you will not give too much or too less fertilizer to your miniature tree.

' Repotting your ligustrum bonsai should be done every year. But you can check the roots of your ligustrum bonsai on a regular basis so that you can change the container of the little tree as early as possible, and prevent pot bound.

' Trimming your ligustrum bonsai should be done during the growth season, and hard pruning should be performed during the late part of winter or early part of spring.

' It's up to you either to use copper or aluminum wire in wiring the branches and trunk of your miniature tree. You can perform wiring from spring up to summer season.


Preston Blackmore is a Bonsai enthusiast. He has worked with local masters to learn everything there is to know about Bonsai. Now these years of research and development are at your fingertips. For more information on Ligustrum Bonsai, visit http://www.beginnerbonsaiguide.com.

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