How To Get Rid of Fungal Infection Caused by Ringworm From Your House

Published: 27th May 2010
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You could catch some infections or diseases without your awareness through a direct contact of anything that were infected or contaminated. We cannot protect ourselves entirely from any disease since microorganisms that causes some minor or major disorders are not visible to the naked eye. We need the help of some paraphernalia like microscope to see it visibly. Fungus is the most active and common microorganism present in our environment. This is the main cause of most fungal infection like ringworm in both humans and animals.

The spread of this disease is inevitable but we can control it with proper knowledge of the disease itself. Ringworm is most likely to spread in moist and warm climate. This is favorable for the growth of fungi in these areas. So you will always notice that in every summer season, there are lots of skin infections that occur that shows symptoms of itchiness, redness and boils. These are always seen in different skin diseases causing fungal infection like ringworm to any parts of the body.

There are so many ways on how to combat the infection from growing and spreading as well as harming others. All you have to do is to stop the growth of ringworm which is caused by fungal infection by applying or taking some medications to treat the disease but it doesn't stop from there, ringworm is being spread through contact so it is possible that a person that is infected will leave some fungus in places or things that he or she is having contact with. The infection could spread into your house even the infected person is being cured by any medications. This is because of the traces of fungal infection that created the ringworm which was left by the infected person to the things he or she has touched. You have to be aware of what are these things to stop the spread of ringworm in your house. Here are the most common things that they constantly touch that you have to disinfect to get rid of fungal infection in ringworm:

- Clothing - this is the most closest to the body of an infected person. If you are the one who washes the clothes in the house, you have to separate the clothes of an infected family member. This is to avoid the spread of the disease. Spray the clothes with an antifungal spray for about an hour to deeply penetrate the clothes to kill the fungus in it. Then just wash it the normal way.

- Carpet - there are fungal infections especially ringworm in the feet which has the direct contact on the carpet. The feet of an infected person will surely rub the carpet and the fungus on the feet will stick on the carpet floorings which others might also stepped on. In this way, the infection is being passed on to others. To inhibit the growth of fungus in carpets, spray it with antifungal spray and clean it with a carpet cleaner the usual way.

- Furnitures - any furniture in the house are mostly touched like the bed, chairs, cabinet, table, sofa, etc.Also spray it with an antifungal spray and wipe it with a clean towel using gloves to protect your hands from touching the contaminated furniture.


To protect your family and pet from ringworm you need to be armed with knowledge. If you would like to know any more information about Fungal Ringworm please visit

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