Facts About Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Published: 29th June 2010
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Organic fruit and vegetable are healthful foods. These foods consist of vital nutrients that the body needs to carry out cellular life processes. If you have been taking in organic fruit and veg, you are safe from ingesting chemicals that other fruits and veggies have, most especially if they are grown with use of commercially prepared products. These chemicals will not be removed even if you have washed the fruits and vegetables well.

Why do you need to take in fruit and vegetables that are grown in an organic manner?

1) Fruits and vegetables that are cultivated with the use of organic based products, which means these products are made from natural sources. Thus, they are not harmful to the human body even if you are eating them for a long time.

2) Another reason is that if you are taking in fruit and veg that are grown in an organic manner , you are helping our mother earth to be saved from pollution that chemicals can bring on it. As farmers grow inorganic fruits and vegetables, they make use of commercially prepared products to cultivate them, such as pesticides, herbicides,and synthetic fertilizers. A good example of pollution is water pollution. As fruit and vegetable are being propagated with the use of synthetic fertilizers, some chemicals of the fertilizer will be drained down to the soil. The cehimcals from synthetic fertilizers can now reach the ground water. If there are lots of farmers using this method, the ground water will be easily polluted. Thus, we have to support and eat organic fruits and vegetables to keep our mother earth clean and green.

3) Fruit and vegetables that are grown in an organic manner will provide the human body essential nutrients that will support proper growth and development. They will boost the body's immune system so that you will be protected from acquiring any illness.

4) Organic fruit and veg are healthy snacks. If your body appearance matters to you, you should be taking in fruit and vegetables that are grown in an organic manner because they are also healthy sources of dietary fiber. This means that they contain natural fibers that cleanses your gastrointestinal tract and removes toxins that you have taken in. Organic fruits and vegetables will also keep your skin more radiant and healthy.

5) You should buy and eat organic fruits an vegetables bacause you are not only helping your body to become healthy and fit but also you are helping small scale farmers. As the demand for organic fruit and veg increases, the farmers that will grow organic fruit and vegetable will also increase. Thus, your support will surely count in purchasing organic fruit and vegetables.

6) You can also grow organic fruits and vegetables at your backyard or in a vacant lot near your home. Growing organic fruit and veg is a good past time activity,especially if you are just staying at home most of your time. You can be productive of your time by growing healthy organic fruit and vegetables.


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